Men’s Outfit Inspiration

Hello guys!!!!

We all know that a great wardrobe is one in which most of the pieces can be utilized and combined in a variety of ways. And versatility is something i strongly believe in. So this post here is nothing but a reflection of what i feel makes up Men’s fashion so essential. Gone are those days when men would wear just anything and step out of the house; if not more, now they are as much particular about their dressing as their female counterparts. With accessories like hats, glasses, bow ties, pocket squares, shoes, etc, men have multiple options available and trust me, they are not even a bit hesitant to flaunt them.

So even if you love wearing suits, when the weekend comes by you probably want to keep it a little more relaxed yet stylish and put together. Now remember that the key to mastering the art of simple style is to have those key basics in your closet. Two of the most essential pieces are a chambray shirt and a great white suit. See how you can style them:


Printed Pocket Square: Satya Paul
Brogues: Zara, Socks: Jack n Jones
Shirt: Zara


Choosing the right accessory for the right outfit can completely change a good attire into a great one. For instance, polishing off a suit with a pocket square or cuff links and tie, adds that finishing touch to it.  So, next time you put on any outfit, do not forget to accessorize it.

Hope you all enjoyed reading this one. Wait till i come up with the next post and i promise you’ll love that too.







Author: Naina

I'm a Delhi based Blogger and Makeup Artist expressing myself and my desire and love for fashion and beauty through this blog!

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