Weekend Chic

IMG_1945Hello everyone!

We all love weekends and since the weekend that went by was a wonderful one for me, i just couldn’t stop myself from sharing this.

Weekends mean bliss..lovely Sunday brunches, late night movies, clubbing, catching up with friends, shopping, dinner dates, long sleeping hours, and what not! I’m sure all of you agree with me here.

Unless I’m working on a weekend, i make it a point to indulge in things i love to do. Although  this weekend I worked for a few hours but that didn’t stop me from having my share of fun.

I’m posting my Sunday brunch look here and would love to know how you all like it.


I’m wearing a Forever 21 crop top and Pencil skirt with red shoes picked up from Bangkok on my trip last year. Accessories are from Forever New. And and…. don’t miss my favorite bright yellow Michael Kors bag which is a classic in its own way!

It is a big spacious bag perfect for a day out or even a weekend getaway. Honestly,  i had a tough time choosing the bag as the MK store had such lovely pieces but I guess I picked up the perfect one.


On my wrist, I’m wearing a very elegant Michael Kors rose gold watch, another one of my favorites.




For a day out, I usually don’t do much on the eyes but then a classic smokey look never hurts!

Hope you all like it!

Much love


Author: Naina

I'm a Delhi based Blogger and Makeup Artist expressing myself and my desire and love for fashion and beauty through this blog!

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