Happy Hair Challenge- Part 1

Holla Friends!

How y’all doing?

Taking some time off my busy schedule, I’m doing this quick post here wherein I’ll be analysing my current hair condition and also give an initial feedback on the products that I shall start using today onwards.

Garnier has launched its latest range of Shampoos and Conditioners called Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition. I was more than happy when they asked me to use, analyse and review these products on the blog. This post here is part ‘One’ of the Garnier Fructis Happy Hair Challenge; the second part will be up after 30 days.




So it’s called Triple Nutrition as it has three nourishing oils  i.e. Coconut oil which nourishes and makes the hair ten times stronger; Almond oil which restores beautiful shine into the lengths and; Olive oil which binds, repairs and helps reduce split-ends.

On receiving the products, I was instantly impressed by their bright yellow packaging and exquisite fragrance.

Priced reasonably at Rs.135 each, these are two products that are budget-friendly and claim to leave your hair soft, strong and healthy. What i really liked is the texture of the shampoo and conditioner which isn’t too runny or too thick as compared to other brands.

Quantity: 175ml each






My Hair Analysis:

* Hair Fall

* Frizzy/ Unmanageable Hair

* Undernourished Hair

I’d been looking for a product like this since long and now that I’ve found it, I can’t wait to use it and get rid of my hair problems.

Stay tuned to the Product Review that will be up soon in Part ‘Two’ of Garnier Fructis Happy Hair Challenge.

Till then, keep reading!


Much love ❤

Ciao 🙂




Author: Naina

I'm a Delhi based Blogger and Makeup Artist expressing myself and my desire and love for fashion and beauty through this blog!

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