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Hello Lovelies,

Every Woman craves for a smooth, hairless skin isn’t it?

For years, new methods and different products have been progressively changing the history of hair removal. Although Waxing and Laser are most popular with Indian women, it’s shaving that holds its niche among those who want a quick and safe way to get smooth hair free skin on the go.

Shaving surely has a lot of myths associated with it, and that was probably one reason why I attended the Gillette Venus event last Friday. I’ve always had questions related to shaving and was really curious to see what Gillette Venus has in store for women like us hence, there was no way I could miss this opportunity.


(Registration Desk)


Gillette Venus Shaving Session with Namrata Soni, Dr. Rashmi Shetty and ...

With an eminent panel consisting of Actress Kriti Sanon, Makeup Expert Namrata Soni and renowned Cosmetic physician Dr. Rashmi Shetty, the Gillette Venus event was a one-of-a-kind interaction where all our shaving related myths got busted and Gillette Venus razor emerged as the star of the show.


The various questions asked by us were answered spontaneously by the panel members who shared their own personal experiences as well and conveyed how shaving with Gillette Venus is easy, safe, painless, and convenient at all times.

In fact they were kind enough to talk to each one of us personally post the event and clear any doubts/queries that we had. 😀



(With Namrata Soni)


(With Dr. Rashmi Shetty)

I’m not hesitant anymore to try out the Gillette Venus razor and see for myself how good it actually is. Thus, I’m signing up for the Subscribe to Smooth 30-day challenge wherein I’ll be testing this product on my skin for a month and share my weekly experience with you all over the period. 🙂



(Outfit: Top & Pants- Zara, Shoes- Steve Madden, Bag- Accessorize, Watch- Guess)


So Stay Tuned ladies as this month is filled with a lot of smoothness. 😀

Incase you guys have any queries related to shaving, feel free to drop me a mail at or leave a comment below!  I’ll be happy to help. ❤

You can also check out the Gillette Venus page on Facebook, or on Twitter @GilletteVenusIn.

And if you too are interested in taking up the Subscribe to Smooth challenge, pick a Gillette Venus for yourself right here:
Gillette Venus App on Facebook:

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