Coachella Fashion : Boho Chic

Hello Angels,

Vintage fashion has been the talk of this year and is not complete without the mention of boho-chic (part bohemian and part chic). Although this trend has been around for a while, I don’t think its going away anytime soon.

I personally adore bohemian style of clothing and thus, when my eyes fell on this dress, it was love at first sight!


How I wish we had something like Coachella in India as well.

Coachella is an indie music festival held in California with bands from across the world being a part of it. It has now become more of a trend rather than a mere event. All of young Hollywood gathers around at one desert destination dressed in their boho best to celebrate this youth festival.

This is one spring festival that has truly inspired fashionistas around the world.

(Dress: Closet Diaries, Flat- Forever New, Sunglasses- Classy Castle, Bag- StalkBuyLove, Earring worn as pendant- Paperica)

Five pointers to get the Coachella trend on:

1) Boho-Chic

Boho is all about looking individual and natural. Go for earthy tones, nude makeup, flowy skirts, maxi dresses, and messy braids to channel your inner bohemian.

2) Crochet

Crochet tops, rompers and dresses look amazing and give that breezy, summery look.

3) Denims

Team up your cut-out denim shorts with lace tops, graphic tees, or test-drive the overalls trend, this time with a bandeau top.

4) Layer it Up

Capes, Kimonos, Cover-ups all form an essential part of the Coachella look.

5) Accessorise

This is indeed the most important one. Complete your Coachella outfit by accessorising it with hats, floral headbands, light-weight scarves, sunglasses, body jewellery, funky bracelets, fringe bags, etc.

So what if we can’t make it to Coachella! We can surely wear outfits and makeup inspired by it.

I love the boho vibe, what about you? 🙂

To buy this gorgeous dress, click here.


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