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How are y’all?

So after a lot of motivation from my readers and followers, I have finally decided to start fitness blogging and I’m really thankful to Everywear India for providing me the perfect clothing thats not only light and comfortable but functional and fashionable at the same time.

Since this is my first fitness post, I’m going to talk about my daily diet and what my routine is like on a normal working day. In the upcoming posts, I shall get into the details and tell you more about what I do in the gym!

How I Push myself to Exercise everyday?

I’ve been asked this question several times so here is the answer. First and foremost thing when it comes to exercising is to enjoy it! Working out does not mean only lifting weights! Well if you enjoy running or playing a sport, do that. Join Zumba/Aerobics if you love dance. Do Yoga or Pilates if you wish to do something at home. There are numerous options and the only key to exercise motivation is to love your work outs.





Coming back to my Diet and Routine

I wake up at 7am in the morning and have warm water on empty stomach. After half an hour or so, I take tea or coffee as per my liking. Around 9:00 am, I eat my breakfast which usually includes boiled eggs and toast with one cup of Hot Chocolate. On some days, I have Poha/Paranthas with fresh juice. 🙂

Breakfast as they say, should be your most lavish meal and you should never skip it if you want to be healthy and fit.

In between work and lunch, I have a cup of green tea for its health benefits. Lunch is usually had around 2 pm which includes rice, pulses, vegetables and chapati. I focus more on pulses and veggies as they contain maximum nutrients.

Post lunch, I walk around a little to digest my food and in the evening around 5 30 pm, I have a cup of tea/coffee to satiate my caffeine intake.

Around 6 30 pm I head to the gym where I work out for over an hour. After coming back, I have a fruit salad which includes fruits like apple, guava, grapes and bananas. Around 9pm, I eat my dinner which usually comprises boiled chicken sandwich/ chicken caesar salad/ boiled veggies.

On days when I’m out or have guests over, I do indulge in cheat food and eat all the junk you can possibly imagine. 😀



(Outfit: Shoes- Nike; Tank, Headband & Track pants- Everywear India) 


I’ve been gymming on and off for the last 6 years and probably thats why it has become more like a stress buster to me. However, when the work outs get too monotonous, I do Yoga or go for a run in the park.


In todays age, when life is so busy and eating habits so bad, it is important that we exercise and keep ourselves healthy and fit. Fitness isn’t about just losing weight, its more about building your self-confidence and feeling good from within. Being fit is one of the most difficult yet crucial elements of a happy and healthy life.

I always try and motivate my friends and family to stay fit and eat healthy and I hope all you guys would do the same. Stay tuned as I’ll be posting my gym routine soon (for all those who feel lost in the gym).  😀

Hope you guys enjoyed reading my first fitness post. If you have any queries or requests, feel free to drop me a mail at or leave a comment below!

Much Love ❤


Author: Naina

I'm a Delhi based Blogger and Makeup Artist expressing myself and my desire and love for fashion and beauty through this blog!

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