Meet Rihanna with PUMA

Hello Everyone,

I’m back with a quick new post in collaboration with Popxo and PUMA. Herein, I’m going to post a look featuring Puma clothing and all you guys need to do is vote for me to help me win this contest. 😀

Do you know that superstar Rihanna is the new Creative Director of PUMA? Well now you know it! I can’t think of anyone else who could fit this role better. ❤

So before I share the other details, have a look at the pictures below:


















Did you like the photos? If yes, please vote for me on the Microsite to help me win a trip to U.S and meet Rihanna in person. Also, the chosen top 10 get goodies and merchandise from PUMA so I’m quite excited to be a part of this deal.

As you can see, the above look is pretty much inspired by Rihanna herself mainly because I love her style and music and have been her fan for years. I picked up a grey colored PUMA tee from to curate this one.

Coming back to the contest, I’ll be sharing this look on the microsite mentioned above  and all I want from you lovely people is to show some love and vote for me there. Also, I shall be posting the style on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and I would love it if you guys share the same on your timelines and help me win. 😀

If you too wish to participate in the Meet Rihanna with Puma contest, you can do so by logging onto the microsite and following the rules stated there. 🙂

Do let me know if you liked this look and whether you think I deserve to win!

Keep your love coming ❤

Ciao 😀

Author: Naina

I'm a Delhi based Blogger and Makeup Artist expressing myself and my desire and love for fashion and beauty through this blog!

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