Pleats & Patches


How are you all?

Did you guys read my recent post on the done-up denim trend? Well if you haven’t, check it out here.

So today I’m going to take you through two of my other favorite trends this year: Pleats and Patches. I don’t suggest that you follow a trend blindly; its important that you understand what suits you and then wear it as per your own sense of style and comfort. I personally feel that one should always keep an eye on trends to either enhance or transform what they are already doing.

Coming back to Micro pleats and patches, I have a few pictures for you to see:






















(Outfit: Pleated skirt-Zara, Patchwork top-Zara, Shoes-Adidas Originals Superstars, Bag-Accessorize, Watch-Tissot, Septum ring- Tribe by Amrapali)

Several of this year’s summer runway trends as seen during Paris, London and Milan fashion weeks are refreshingly wearable and can be easily incorporated into one’s daily wardrobe.

Why Micro pleats? Because the pleats are smaller, fabrics are lighter and lengths are running a little longer. Basically, for an easy-to-wear, ultra-feminine and timeless look. From dresses and top to skirt and pants, micro pleats are all over. They add texture to an outfit, drape well and have this modern, unstructured flounce without being too bulky.

Pro tip: Uplift your day looks with sweet pastel shades and go for metallics during the night!


(Pleated culottes- Zara)


Another one of the biggest and most favorable trends right now is Patches. They were totally cool in the 90s and have made a huge comeback this year with patches on tees, jackets, denims, shirts, shoes, bags and what not. They make any outfit look more fun and unique and create quite a statement whenever worn.

You can even buy DIY patches and put them onto your favorite pieces for that edgy look. Apart from patches, pins and badges too are big this year and are definitely a way of adding bits of our personality to our preferred basics. 🙂

Patches have that cool nostalgic vibe in them that really suits us!

Where can you get them?

Patchwork outfits: Zara, Koovs

Pins & Badges: H&M, Zara

Micro Pleats: StalkBuyLove, Zara, Koovs, H&M

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this post! Do let me know if you have any queries and don’t forget to share pictures of your favorite patchwork and pleated pieces with me.

Much Love ❤

Ciao 😀


Author: Naina

I'm a Delhi based Blogger and Makeup Artist expressing myself and my desire and love for fashion and beauty through this blog!

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