The Face Shop launch in India

Holla Angels,

You all know that I love makeup, don’t you? Anything related to beauty amuses me and being a sucker for makeup products, there was no way I could be oblivious to a brand like The Face Shop. Having dominated the market leadership in South Korea for over a decade, this world renowned South Korean cosmetics brand is now well set to enter India. Inspired by nature and with a belief that the root of beauty comes from nature, The Face Shop has set up its motto and tag line as ‘Natural Story’. The brand’s philosophy lies in connecting the secrets of nature’s beauty with its customers through finely picked excellent ingredients in their best quality and product innovations.

So recently I attended The Face Shop’s media launch at 38 Barracks, Connaught Place (New Delhi) and it was truly a delightful experience.

Ms. Diane Lee, the company’s spokesperson said that finally they are reaching India, the most wanted market for cosmetics from their global business perspective. “The Face Shop is thrilled to meet beautiful Indian ladies and surprise them with innovative products that are available in over thousand ranges.” She also added that Indians are connected to nature and as The Face Shop focuses on natural products range, it has a high probability of becoming a favorite among Indians.











Although The Face Shop product range includes Skin Care, Makeup, Cleansing, Body, Hair, Perfume, Aroma and others specific to both women and men, it is their star products line that you have to watch out for. This K beauty range includes:


This all-in-one Intense cover cushion combines the effects of foundation, skincare and sunblock into one. Its long lasting and provides medium to high coverage.



White Seed

The White Seed products have brightening properties and are a hit among women all over the world.



Chia Seed

Chia seeds are known to have ultimate moisturizing effects with 10x moisture absorption power.



The Therapy

It is a scientifically proven blending formula that has an excellent anti-ageing effect.

Rice Bright Water

This range has natural ingredients from rice that help in removing the dead skin cells resulting in a healthy glow.

Mask Sheet

Certainly one of their best products, the masks sheets come in a wide range of variety that includes hydrating, anti-ageing, pore care and revitalizing masks.



At the launch, I also got a chance to  interact with Pro Makeup Artist Shawn Kim who shared his valuable tips and was kind enough to answer all the makeup and skincare related queries. He even demonstrated a few quick looks using The Face Shop products and tools.








On being asked if The Face Shop was apprehensive about the competition they’ll face in India, Diane was quick to respond and said that they have already been successful in 34 countries by virtue of their focus on natural products and value based pricing to their customers. So they were pretty confident that this could become a game changer in the Indian market.

The Face Shop plans to develop K-Beauty segment in India through various on and off line activities like K-Beauty classes and creative adaptation into Indian make up culture. With this direction, the brand will be launched in highly growing e-commerce market first and then will expand to off line market next year.

I tried their range of makeup products and absolutely loved all of them. My personal favorites are their eyeliners and brow pencils. Also, I liked their packaging which is quite compact and cute, and can be easily carried everywhere you go.

I’m really excited about The Face Shop’s launch on Amazon ( October 2016) and can’t wait to shop already!

Do tell me if you wish to know anything else about the brand and in case you’ve used their products before, feel free to share your experience.

Much Love ❤

Ciao 😀

Author: Naina

I'm a Delhi based Blogger and Makeup Artist expressing myself and my desire and love for fashion and beauty through this blog!

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