Wills Lifestyle Flying Fashion


Recently Wills Lifestyle launched their 2016 Autumn Winter collection and I was one of the privileged few to witness the show myself. Well, it was not just any other launch event, it was quite unique and something I had not seen earlier. It was a beautiful and never-happened before integration of technology into a stunning fall collection.







For the first time ever, a flying fashion show was held wherein drones with mannequins were flying and showcasing the new line. Everyone who saw it was pretty amazed and couldn’t stop clicking pictures.

Each Wills outfit worn by the model and the mannequins was gorgeous. Their range of shirt dresses, tunics, overalls, bell sleeved dresses, formal wear, and everything else was eye catching and looked fabulous.









We also did a fun styling session at the store wherein I picked an outfit for the model and styled her. This (below) was my favourite shirt dress from the lot and I absolutely loved the work on it. The embroidery, the colour combination, the silhouette and the sheer, all made it simply perfect. ❤


Apart from that, the store had a virtual trial space wherein you could try clothes virtually with just a swipe of your hand. This was an interesting activity and almost everyone gave it a shot.




The launch show was pretty amazing and created a phenomenal buzz in the social media world thanks to the bloggers and other media persons who attended the event. 😀


Wills Lifestyle is India’s first industry original brand and has always led the way in enhancing consumer experience. It aims to be the game changer in the industry be it through its collections or its innovative campaigns. Through this ‘Flying Fashion Show’, Wills has connected with consumers like never before, whilst delivering fashion in the most effective manner.

Do check out their Autumn Winter, high on fashion styles at a store near you. Trust me, you’ll love them!


About Wills Lifestyle

Synonymous with fashion and elegance, ITC’s Wills Lifestyle stores offer a premium lifestyle wardrobe, incorporating the latest fashion trends for both men and women. Currently, there are 104 Wills Lifestyle stores in India across 50 cities. The Wills Lifestyle range is also available across all leading departments’ stores and multi brand-outlets in the country whilst also being available on all leading online fashion retailing portals.

Twitter – http://www.twitter.com/willslifestyle

Instagram– http://instagram.com/willslifestyle   

Pinterest – http://pinterest.com/wlsonline



Author: Naina

I'm a Delhi based Blogger and Makeup Artist expressing myself and my desire and love for fashion and beauty through this blog!

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