Valentines Day Outfit Ideas

Hi Guys,

How are you all?

Its been a while since I posted anything here but that’s because I’ve been giving some time to my YouTube channel. I hope you guys have seen the new segment (SidebySide) that I added recently. If you haven’t, watch it now!

So Valentine’s day is almost here.Whether that makes you giddy or makes you groan, there’s nothing wrong with starting to plan your outfit now. Its always fun to dress up, right! Today’s post is all about V-day outfit inspiration. Here are three outfit ideas for everyone, from singletons to those who are married. 🙂

1. Be Flirty

I call this one I-refuse- to-wear-pink-or-red outfit. It shows that you really don’t need traditional V-Day colors to look incredible. The whole Valentines day situation can get real cheesy and if the idea of getting ‘dressed up’ for a dinner date with your partner, isn’t all that enticing, I have this alternative for you.

Whether you wish to go for a GNO (girls night out) or spend some alone time with your S.O., this outfit works.








(Outfit: Skirt-Topshop, Bralet & Jacket-Hollister, Boots-Topshop, Sunglasses-Miu Miu, Earrings-H&M, Choker- Zara)

2. Be Romantic

If you’re a hardcore romantic and want your V-Day to be an ideal one, this look is for you. Play with romantic colors (not the cliched ones) and prints and amp up your look by adding some fun accessories.







(Outfit: Skirt- Topshop, Top & Choker-Miss Selfridge, Hat & Clutch-Accessorize, Bracelet-Curio cottage, Watch-MK)

3. Be Chic

For this look, I chose the color red so as to keep it classic yet chic. Those of you who love Red but don’t want to go overboard with it, opt for patterns and prints. Choose a subdued red instead of something that screams ‘Valentine’.


(Outfit: Dress & Bag-Zara, Boots-Charles & Keith, Sunglasses-Prada, Earrings-H&M)






This look happens to be my favorite as its cute, casual and comfortable. Also, I love the Tweety bag. Adorbs isn’t it?

Do let me know which outfit did YOU like the most and why, in the comments below! 🙂

Now that your outfit is sorted, I’m sure you’ll need some makeup inspiration too! So check out the V-Day Makeup Tutorial right here.  😀

Much Love ❤

HAPPY Valentine.

Author: Naina

I'm a Delhi based Blogger and Makeup Artist expressing myself and my desire and love for fashion and beauty through this blog!

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