Subscription Boxes You Need Right Now

Life of a millennial is tough. We want the latest fashion, we always want the trendiest things, eat the most photogenic food that is available and the constant FOMO that looms over our heads over our friends’ social media posts and updates. So while we always want the trendiest things, they may not always be pocket friendly. That’s where subscription boxes enter our lives with a powerful swoop. Subscription boxes have been around for a while now and are slowly becoming more and more popular in India as well.

Why we need subscription boxes?

While we all always want to be trendy and update our wardrobes and palates with the latest offerings of the fashion and gourmet world, it may not always be economical. So therefore the need for a subscription box arises. A subscription box is a monthly service that sends you the latest offerings in your field of choice at an affordable cost. So for  a set amount a month, we have the luxury of getting the latest offerings delivered to us in the comfort of our homes at a very reasonable cost.  Thus, this proves to be the need of the hour for our Instagram obsessed and selfie addicted generation, where all our needs are met without burning a hole in the pocket.

While there are tonnes of subscription boxes available in the market, the most popular categories are food, fashion and beauty products.

Here is the lowdown of some of the most popular subscription boxes available in India.

My Envy Box 

This one has two variants: Jewellery and Beauty. The jewellery box consists of some wonderful and trending pieces of jewellery that can be worn on any occasion. And the best part is getting 5-6 pieces of jewellery delivered to your doorstep at a fixed cost. The fashionista in me is gleaming at the thought of it.

The beauty box contains a mix of skincare products and makeup from established and new upcoming luxury makeup brands. The thought of new skincare goodies delivered to my house every month makes me want to jump with joy. Also, their loyalty  programme allows you to buy full size products at great discounts. What more do we girls want?

You can place your order here.

Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 23.50.58


Style Cracker Box

Who doesnt like affordable fashion? With StyleCracker box, its very simple. Fill out a simple form on their website, about your preferences and sizes, and a box of fashionable clothes and accessories will be sent to you. Simply keep whatever you like and return the rest. Its the easiest way to be fashionable without spending too much. The best part is, Style Cracker works according to the budget you have specified to them. A stylist is assigned to you, who curates a box specially for you after knowing details like your style, age group, social status etc. Its like having a personal stylist who picks out clothes to ensure that you look your best, at all times.


stylecracker box

You can place your order here.


Being Juliet Period Subscription Box

This one’s sure to get us through “that” time of the month. Being Juliet offers you a monthly box, based on when your period is due. They provide you a care package with Sanitary napkins of your choice, some beauty goodies to pamper, some comforters like green tea and hot water bags for those cramps, chocolates for those serious cravings and also a few surprise gifts which can really uplift your mood during those not so good days. The box reaches you 5 days prior to your PMS and promises to ease the period pain and cheer you up! 😀

being juliet

You can purchase your box here.

The Gourmet Box:

This one’s for all the foodies out there. Choose the theme and the duration on their website and wait for this delicious box to reach your home. Filled with exotic ingredients curated from across the world, this subscription box is sure to make even the laziest of us want to cook. They also provide other ingredients in the box, and even provide you with recipes to whip up an authentic meal in the comfort of your own home.

P.S: I’m eyeing their chocolate obsession box and can’t wait to order it.

the gourmet box

You can order your box here.


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